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What is this?

Lounge, chillout & deep house music

Cool Music radio is a set of radio channels that offer you different musical selections. You can listen to lounge, chillout, nu jazz, deep house, ambient ... always keeping in mind our main influence, the Balearic sounds.

The songs of each of our channels are carefully selected by our team in order to create the right atmosphere in each radio.

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Here you can see our selection of music videos. Cool Music TV



Cool Music

This was our first radio and we love it for its simplicity. Listen to a wide variety of chillout, lounge and deep house music with a Balearic essence. Ideal if you are looking for sophisicated music.


Cool Coffee

This is our most successful radio. Thousands of people listen to this channel every day. Grab your favorite coffee, open your window and watch the horizon while listening to Cool Coffee.


Cool Deep

Cool Deep will be waiting for you in your most energizing moments. A great selection of Deep house and Balearic groove chosen by DJ Yorks Smoking.


Cool Chill-House

Cool Chill-House mixes the chillout & lounge spirit but adding a little more energy. Continuous 4x4 rhythms with a deep house soul.


Cool Ambient

Cool Ambient is our most relaxed proposal, for your most intimate and relaxing moments. Ambient music punctuated by the jewels that mark our own style.


Cool Jazz

In our repertoire we could not miss a radio dedicated to Jazz. Discover the news and the classics that we present to you. Simply Cool Jazz.

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