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Dj Pippi & Willie Graff presents "Piel a Piel".

If the coldness of a European winter is getting you down, we'd heartily recommend this dose of aural sunshine from regular collaborators DJ Pippi and Willie Graff, who this time round have also been joined in the studio ny Jacob Gurevitsch and Charlotte C. 'Piel a Piel', which is available in edited and full-length mix forms, is an undeniably Balearic affair that features plenty of subtle nods to classic cuts (the drums were clearly inspired by the great Tullio De Piscopo, the Spanish guitars are pure Jose Padilla and the snaking saxophone lines will make even the most cynical listener weak at the knees), as well as sun-soaked jazz guitar solos, rubbery bass, warming new age synthesizer chords and sone deliciously sleazy, largely whispered or spoken vocals.

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