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Nacho Sotomayor presents Ephemeral

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

11 little musical gems, designed to listen with the senses. From March 19 it is on sale in physical and digital media, look for it in your usual store.

Unicellular organisms, groups of bodies out of focus in a frenzied dance, multicolored finger and hand prints on a white background of transparent peace. That could be "Ephemeral."

It is also possible that it has something to do with the inconsistency of things, the volatile nature of our existence and the fleeting nature of our experiences. Nothing stops in this dizzying reality ...

But something of us always remains, despite the fact that our ideas and intentions, our principles and achievements, all of this disappear like water between the fingers of a hand, subtly, silently, without drama. The cycle continues and the mistakes will remain the same, dragging us back, over and over, in a kaleidoscope of beauty and misery.

Ephemeral is also the flapping of wings, the smell of fear and the opaque need for love. It is a dance between the past, the present and the future, an absurd swagger between mistrustful looks. The lingering boredom of our translucent souls.

We cling to the present with tenacious melancholy, trusting in a future that will provide us with everything necessary and useless so that, in this way, when inevitably at the end we go into the most absolute of silences, that silence will also be ephemeral, as it is love, beauty and nothingness.

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